“Oman” an example of glory

Pray for France. Pray for England. Pray for Spain. It seems to be the sentence we mostly read nowadays due to unfortunate events in the world. While we continuously wish for peace, it is difficult to hear about a country where we can find security.

However, one country falls off the radar of tragic happenings and finds itself in constant development. Under the sultanate of its great leader Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, Oman was able to prove that not only it is a secure country, but it is a country of great achievements for its people, economy, politics, education and much more.

Oman celebrates its 47th year of glory and progress under the wing of its Sultan. Education is a sector of high importance and over the years the country witnessed a great increase in the number of schools with a modern educational system. It does not stop there as women make up the majority of students in The Sultan Qaboos University, which goes to show that Oman is one of the countries who cherishes women rights and their education.

On the other hand, Oman’s take on modernizing economy has led to an increase in its GDP over the years and specially this year. The country and its government follow a 5 year plan in order to decrease the Sultanate’s dependency on oil and on those basis diversify the economy. This plan will take advantage of the country’s many resources like farming, fishing and tourism.

Under the ruling of his majesty, we also witnessed the implementation of the Omanization plan, which highly focuses on the labor of Omanis and reducing the number of expatriates in the country. This plan benefited the country by decreasing public spending on subsidiary services and underline the government’s faith in its own people.

Last but not least, a nod to tourism in Oman. Leader Qaboos Bin Said encourages investment in tourism in the Sultanate. It is one of the pillars in order to cut oil usage and focus on other sectors to increase the economy. The country has a $35 billion plan in order to increase the number of tourists by 2040.

If we were to write about all the achievements of Oman under the ruling of Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, we would need days. This country has proven over the years that it is a force to be reckoned with and that leadership could be for the people and not against them.

M. R.